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You Will Never Leave Your House Again

June 27, 2017

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You Will Never Leave Your House Again

June 27, 2017


Technology is changing the world. It might be hard to believe, but future innovations will result in never needing to leave your house again — and that’s okay.


When the phone was first invented, everyone thought it was crazy and no one would use it. Society predicted that communication without face to face interaction would not be meaningful. It’s safe to say they were wrong. Society adapted and realized the advantages that the phone offered. We didn’t need a new way to communicate. What we needed was a new way to save time and get more done. Time is our most valuable asset and our only limitation in this world.


Then came the internet, scrutinized by the same critics of the phone. Like the phone, the same is true with the intenet in that it saved people time. Critics claimed it to be a fad or a hobby. You would have been crazy to believe in the internet back then. Today you would be crazy to think it’s not still growing. As the internet advanced, society began creating things faster than ever before. As time is our limit, speed is our advantage.


Critics worried that we were devolving socially and interacting in less meaningful ways. The reality of this might have been true, except that technology was advancing and solving this issue. Today, face to face video offers essentially the same feel as in person communication. We are communicating like never before and we don’t even have to be in the same room.


Aside from communication, the internet has made it possible to shop from home. Now you can buy the same item online and avoid driving to the store and searching for it. Grocery delivery is still young, but the future will include 15–30 minute deliveries to your doorstep. Stores will turn into warehouses with machines that will organize and prepare products for shipment. Then, drones will fly the products to your home. Amazon will be a huge player in this.


Combine delivery with virtual reality and the need to leave your home is almost nonexistent. I predict that we will all be wearing VR headsets and using them to go anywhere in the world. Teleportation seems impossible, but this could be the next best thing. Imagine, you’re in your living room when you put on your headset. Suddenly the world around you begins to change and now you’re sitting on a beach watching waves. The visual and audio stimulation will be enough to overpower your desire to truly feel the sand and water beneath your feet. What matters is the adventure and curiosity it brings.


The world is filled with an abundance of beautiful places to see. With limited time and even resources to see it all, why wouldn’t we embrace this change? We are a long ways away, but it’s going to take a culture shift. We spend way too much time just getting to our destinations. Its time to start living our lives fully and experiencing the things we’ve always wanted to.



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